Empowering our Community People

Managing a NFP is not easy.

You go into it with so much passion. But competing priorities, lacking resources and sometimes (let’s call it) dysfunctional governance or disastrous past management it’s likely you’ve inherited a basket case… or, at least a highly stressful and challenging situation.

If you’ve found this page you’re probably asking yourself how one person is supposed to manage funding contracts, look after staff, report to a committee, oversee property, apply for funding, manage the books and maintain a compliant entity – then… care for clients.

And it’s more than likely you’re tired.

We are here to help!

Evolve Network has been delivering workshops to the community sector for over 15 years.

Evolve Network

We like to break down complicated theories and make sure learners have an informative and fun experience.

Our online content addresses everything you need to run a Not for Profit (NFP), community organisation or project.

Community Practitioner Academy is Evolve Network‘s online learning wing.

Our signature course, Grant Writing 101 is now live as an e-course and e-book, and we have many more courses to come.

If you’d like to speak with us about delivering the course live in your community or online drop us a line.

Online Enquiry

We are working on these courses for you:

Please drop us a line if you are interested in specific content for these areas, or another area that you’d love us to cover.

Finance Basics
Time Saving Systems
Team Management
Community Organisations Marketing Training Image of Rubber Ducks
Netwoprking for Impact

Nice to meet you!

Kerry Grace, is the founder of the Community Practitioner academy and Evolve Network. She has worked alongside and managed not for profit (NFP) organisations for twenty years.

In this time there are very few organisational challenges she hasn’t experienced. Kerry has first hand experience of the dedication it takes to manage a NFP and created the Community Practitioner Academy to give NFP managers a simple toolkit to setup the things that otherwise take up too much time and other resources.

Kerry grace - Evolve Network


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