Grant Writing 101

Did you ever wish it was easier to write grants and funding applications?

As a community person we know you’ve got a lot on and that grants always seem to pop up at the last moment leaving you with just another thing on your long, long list of things to do.

There are ways to save time.

Our Grant Writing Online Course and the interactive Grant Writing E-book were designed to get you started, build your case, tell your story and have a great chance in winning that grant!

Grant Writing 101 covers:

  • Defining your organisation or group’s purpose and vision and how this aligns to funding
  • Finding a funding source

  • Preparing for success – steps to get you in the right mindset

  • Eligibility

  • Gathering evidence and supporting data

  • Creating a grant concept

  • Writing a grant application

  • Demonstrating value for money

  • Raising awareness

  • Taking care of your stakeholders

Grant Writing e-Course
grant writing e-workbook

A cracking course with support network

Grant writing 101 is a self-paced, online course. There are no assignments or tests and your bonus support network is waiting to assist you.

The e-course includes the following bonus items:

  • Interactive grant writing e-book
    $18.95 value
  • Online support group
  • Free access to the members-only Community Practitioner Academy Members Group providing you with opportunities to ask for support 24/7. Through the member’s group you will also have the opportunity to network with many like minded people.
  • E-support (6months)
    Value $650
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More than just another eBook

Grant Writing 101 was designed to make it easy and fun for you to tackle getting the money you need for your community.

The book contains:

  • Your grant writing toolkit – a list of items you can prepare earlier to save you time on any application
  • Samples and templates
  • Interactive pages (check out a sample page)

The Grant Writing e-book costs $18.95 (incl. GST) or free with the Grant Writing 101 e-course

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